1. To reach all Indian’s seller for giving products at affordable disconnected rates. To satisfy and buyer nudes of trust and quality of products. Easy availability of products at affordable price from ISO approved facilities so be healthy be happy.

2. As per statistic appears in India 60% of sell are not able to afford product due to unnecessary high price/rate. So, our company would like to fulfill this dream of providing the product to every seller and small business. We wish single Lizzik.com platform to grow market. In today’s gobal market of small business store facing huge completion you should not be option for customer, but should be the first choice of customer and for this Lizzik.com is how to support you to catch the goal with affordable price, quality and branded products.


1. To deliver quality products at affordable to common man of india. Lizzik.com man to expand its wings and franchise across india. To offer best price for most essential health care products for common man and help them to afford products at reasonable price. Lizzik.com to focus and deliver to direct end customer.

“Welcome into the virtual world of Lizzik.com. I believe you are looking for a viable solutions provider who will match your health needs for a long term association. I wish to reassure you that your search for an ideal health service partner will end with us once you finish browsing our domain.


We at lizzik.com strongly believe in good health service, your health care  to the right destination, in the right condition, at the right time and for the right value. All our endeavors focus on this basic principle.


As you browse further, you will get more insights about our Core Values, Vision, Purpose & Quality charter that drive us. We are a good veteran family into this business since almost 10 years with a glowing legacy of value based, ethical dealings and transparency.


As Managing Director of the Company I wish to reinforce our commitment to serve each and every customer with passion and pride. We ensure that customers enjoy our unmatched service offerings to their utmost satisfaction and delight. Our single minded focus is to live up to their expectations, provide peace of mind so that they can concentrate on their core activity.


I urge you to savor the lizzik.com experience that will aptly fulfill the health care and personal care requirements of your growing business. And, I invite you to come join us on the unprecedented growth trajectory to drive excellence to do the best of our businesses synergistically.”


1. Be Passionate: Love your work, do not compromise on quality, and aim for success.
2. Be reliable unconditionally: Respond to changes, and never break the trust.
3. Be a visionary: Always think innovatively, think differently, and think about future.
4. Be human: Show respect for the dignity of each individual.
5. Be ethical: Know the difference between right and wrong, and honor your social and behavioral morals.


The goal for lizzik.com is that by the year 2025, we should emerge as the most preferred choice of single-window Personal Health care & Baby care products provider in India.


This goal is to be achieved:

  • By ensuring customer delight: Delivering their consignments to the right destination, in the right condition, at the right time, and for the right value.
  • By adhering to the Core Values of Lizzik.com
  • By driving excellence in all the actions, and not compromising on the Lizzik.com promise of reliability, value for money, quality of service, and commitment.
    By becoming the most organized and structured company in its industry.



To successfully focus on Quality Assurance, we ensure that:
We understand, meet and exceed customer requirements, and achieve customer delight.

We strongly focus on productivity, reliability, timeliness and safety through continual process improvements.

We regularly monitor and review quality of our work.
We provide resources and trainings to our employees to meet the high quality standards of customer service, and minimize waste.



One of the biggest assets of Lizzik is our manpower strength.


Efficient and courteous, self driven and motivated staff.


We employ a task force of 500 plus dedicated qualified employees.


We keep them motivated through various skills and personality development trainings, including succession programs.


We have our own, state-of-the-art training institute, known as the lizzik Group Training & Development Center.


They are our true brand ambassadors and extended arm of progress.